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 Google Services & Tools

Google Services & Tools

Google has many special services and tools to help you to find exactly what you're looking for.

Google Services

Google Web Search -
Relevant results fast from searching more than 3 billion web pages.

Google Special Searches -
Narrow your search to a specific topic, such as Biology, Apple, and Microsoft.

Google Image Search -
The most comprehensive image search on the web with 425 million images. More...

Google Web Directory -
The web organized by topic into categories. More...

Google University Search -
Narrow your search to a specific school website.

Google News -
Search and browse 4,500 continuously updated news sources. More

Google Groups -
Post and read comments in Usenet discussion forums. More...

Google Catalogs -
Search and browse mail-order catalogs online. More..

Google Labs -
Prototypes and projects in development by Google engineers, including: Google Viewer - Google WebQuotes - Google Glossary - Google Sets - Voice Search - Keyboard Shortcuts. More...

Froogle -
Find products for sale from across the Web. More...

Google Wireless -
Access Google's adaptable search technology from any number of handheld devices.

Google Tools

Google Browser Buttons -
Access Google's search technology by adding our buttons to your browser's personal toolbar.

Google in Your Language -
Volunteer to translate Google's help information and search interface into your favorite language.

Google Toolbar -
Take the power of Google with you by adding the toolbar to your IE browser. More...

Google Translate Tool -
Translate text or entire web pages.

Google Web APIs -
A tool for software developers to automatically query Google. More...

Additionally, you can Add Google to your Browser by making Google your default search engine. Other browser tricks are also available.