Step-by-Step Schedule for Completing a Science Project



All students in Life Science are required to do an Independent Research Project and to participate in the School Science Fair. The following schedule will be followed to allow the student enough planned time to successfully complete the project.




1.      Receive the assignment from teacher.


2.      Develop potential topics, including independent and dependent variables.


3.      Decide on topic and turn in proposal to teacher. Oct. 1


4.      Begin research on Bibliography and contact sources for help. Oct. 8


5.      Working Bibliography cards due. Oct. 20


6.      Design diagram, List of Materials & Procedures rough draft due Oct. 27


7.      Note cards Nov. 3


8.      Gather all materials needed to conduct science project. Oct. 27 Nov. 21


9.      Conduct repeated trials and record results of repeated trials. Nov. 3 Dec. 1


10.  Rough Draft of Introduction due (typed). Dec. 1


11.  Analyze results of testing and determine conclusion. Dec. 1 Dec. 12


12.  Write research report. Dec. 12 Dec. 19


13.  Draft copy of Introduction, Materials & Procedures, Data, Dec. 19

Data Tables, Conclusion and Bibliography due


14. Make backboard display. Jan 5. Jan. 9


15. Final copy due. Jan. 12


16. Class Presentations Jan. 12 15


17. Science Fair Jan. 15


18. Parents Open House-Science Fair Jan. 16


*Bold items are due to teacher for grade.


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