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To make sure your project is eligible for the Arlington County Regional Science Fair and other Intel ISEF-affiliated fairs, please follow Intel ISEF rules.  For example, if you plan to conduct certain types of experiments, you must complete special paperwork before you get started. 

These links will answer most of your questions about the science fairs.  For additional help, talk to your teacher



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H-B Woodlawn Science Project/Science Fair Schedule:


Click here for Dat's schedule for 7th grade students. (or here for MS Word version)


General Schedule

September 13 - Submit topic and proposal to your teacher
September 20 - Finalize choice of topic
September 26 - Submit forms to your teacher
October 8 - Submit forms to H-B Woodlawn Institutional Review Board (IRB)
October 13-17 - IRB reviews all projects
October 24 - Submit revised forms for final IRB approval
November 5 - Submit forms for Science Fair Review Committee (SRC) review by teachers
November 6 - Submit revised forms for SRC approval
November 25 - Choose a backboard color
January 19 - H-B Woodlawn Science Fair
January 22 - Regional Science Fair participants announced
February 18 - Submit VJAS papers to your teachers
March 10 - Regional Science Fair
May 28 - Depart for VJAS







To contact your teachers (substitute @ for (at) in the email addresses below):

Bill - b121(at)

Dat - datqle(at)

Dave - dsoles(at)

Jim - jim(at)

Mark - Medodge(at)




Science Fair/Science Project Requirements by Course

AP Biology - optional
AP Chemistry - optional
AP Physics - optional
Biology - optional
Biology, Intensified - an independent science project* is required
Chemistry - optional
Earth Science - optional
Life Science - a science fair project is required
Physical Science - a science fair project is required
Physics, Applied - optional
Physics - optional


*Independent science project - projects are independently created according to a students personal interests.  Entry in a science fair is not required, although it will be strongly encouraged!  Projects may include independent research, but often deliver a product or outcome that serves the community beyond the researcher.